Recommendation engine for e-commerce

boosts sales by up to 25%

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Personalized Video recommendations

boost the ratings by up to 15%

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We choose the most effective strategy
  • we investigate and find the weak spots that hinder your sales
  • we analyze and draw conclusion as to where you can earn more
  • we recommend the optimal recommendation strategies for your website
5 minutes is all you need to get the system running
  • we configure the system for you
  • the widget matches your website’s layout perfectly
  • you install one simple script on your website and just click “start”
Earn more, now!
  • the user decides to buy much faster
  • the user adds more products to the shopping cart
  • a satisfied Customer returns to make more purchases


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Why QuarticON?

Know-how for e-commerce

Before we implement a solution, our experts analyze the space available in your website. We check what hinders your sales and how to turn a potential loss into profit. Finally, we propose the best recommendation strategies for your business.

Full process automation

The QuarticON engine is fully automated.
AI algorithms analyze behavioral data of every user on the website, which allows them display a fully personalized offer. The result? A perfectly matched recommendation and better sales figures from day one.

Real-time recommendations

Our intelligent script collects data about the user’s activity on the website and automatically updates the displayed content. You can rest assured that the displayed products will meet the Customer’s expectations perfectly.

A single-script implementation

The installation takes no longer than 5 minutes!

We configure the system for you, while the installation is as easy as installing one simple script on the website.


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