Big Retailer

Quarticon Pricing

Your Monthly Online Sales

1000000 EURO

Sales generated by Quarticon

100000 EURO/month

Our fee

4% of the sales generated by QuarticON


400000 EURO/month

Automate your sales with self-learning recommendation engine

Totally personalized and dedicated offer for You. Choose if you want to pay fixed or performance based price.

If you have one million visitors on your site and in order to sell more, you need to have one million different versions of your e-shop catered to each user’s taste and preference. It will be very difficult to achieve that target manually. Recommendation engine will automate everything based on your visitor’s real time behavioral data and help to personalize the shopping experience for each individual user.

You do not need to hire any employees to manage the recommendation engine. It will work automatically for you and constantly learn about every new visitor’s behaviour. In addition, it will also work for you to deliver the latest best performing recommendation features that you might use to improve the overall customers’ shopping experience.

As you are a big retailer, you can choose how would you like to pay for the recommendation engine and new sales. If you would prefer the performance base offer, check what your payments and sign up will be.

If you want to have a fixed price fee, please contact us and we will personalize the offer according to your needs.


How pricing model works

Performance payment model is based on the sales generated by QuarticON.

A sale is considered to be generated by QuarticOn only when the customer clicks on a product in the recommendation widget and within the same session, he makes a purchase of this product.

Hence, if the customer clicks on some products in the recommendation widgets but purchases other products, the sales is not attributed as QuarticON sales.

Fixed price model is based on a monthly or annually fee that we have agreed upon. Please contact us to get the full functionality of our recommendation engine offer with fixed price.


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