6 Voice of Customer Tools You Should Be Using Now

It takes a lot of effort to run a successful ecommerce business. Sometimes the store starts to generate only views instead of purchases. But the life of a developer isn’t easy either. Even though the product they created is welcomed by people, it does not sell. The questions why does that happen start to pile up without any possible answers on the horizon, and that’s incredibly frustrating.

In order to find out the reason for this misfortune, people try to dig up the solution by focusing on their product, website and so on.

But people often forget about customers themselves – their needs and goals are important, too.

What people often forget is that it is crucial to know your customers. ChubbyBrain during their analysis of 32 startup failures decided that ignoring customer feedback is the number 1 reason why they went down. Your customers are a valuable source of data about themselves that you can use in order to improve your service, and thus increasing your conversion.

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong” – Donald Porter

Many fear the answer to the question: “What if my customers don’t like my page?” Facing critique is difficult, but it is incredibly valuable, as it helps you to determine what is wrong and what you can improve.

Ask your customers directly.

The amount of services that allow you to survey your clients and visitors is remarkable. Customers can fill out the form and tell you what they think of what they currently see or experience. Conducting these studies and research might be difficult, that is why we offer you a comprehensive list of useful tools, which will tune you to your customers signal.


Case study


Countly image 1


Countly is a free mobile analytics tools used dynamically for gathering data about users behavior. It provides information about user counts, session durations, the versions of the app or the device used. It also tracks data at a granular level (session and device levels) in case of multiple users or multiple devices.

Despite its functionality, its design is pivotal for Countly, and as Onur Alp Soner, one of the developers at Countly said, startups need to focus on users and interface design to be ahead. To do that, the product design must evolve according to the feedback received from customers, which is of paramount importance.

Their solution was Usabilla Live, a service focused on obtaining feedback, which shares their principles of being simple, but coherent. Usabilla’s form became instantly a part of Countly’s webpage, and the data gathering about their design begun.


Countly image 2

Usabilla at work


The tool offers not only the option of giving positive feedback, which is welcome, but also allows to tell right away if there is something wrong with the site. In case of Countly, many users reported platform or browser compatibility issues or other errors such as unreadable text, missing backgrounds or broken images within Countly’s dashboard.

Countly responded immediately and fixed reported problems, but also got inspired to introduce improvements and additions to their tool and site. Thanks to that they were able to improve not only their site, but also the product.

Source: http://blog.usabilla.com/concrete-user-feedback-inspires-new-product-features/

Let us begin the list!



Google Moderator


Google Moderator


Google offers many services addressing various areas of life. It is no different with the option of gathering customer feedback, as it allows you to do that in a convenient way of using a message board.

You can create a message board where users are focused on giving votes to threads. They vote and discuss whether particular items are worth attention, and based on that data and suggestions you may decide what needs improvement.

Users vote anonymously. There is also a possibility to limit that option that only registered users can vote.

The series you create can be further divided and categorized. For example, if you wish to study your website elements, you can set up a series called “The store” and add subseries named “The cart” and “The checkout.” After that the users will tell you whether they can find everything they want on the page or if they like it.

Moderator is integrated with YouTube: users can post videos, which allows them to present issues explicitly.

Google Moderator is a simple and quick tool for small research. If you require something much more extensive, consider following the list.


Voice of Customer by UsabilityTools


Usability Tools


Voice of Customer is a service offered by UsabilityTools. It offers real-time feedback widget that can be implemented on website. The tool has drag-and-drop kind of questions that makes creating feedback forms easier. You can simply create your own feedback form without needing an extra preview screen.

Voice of Customer is also fully responsive. No matter which device you have, let it be Android, iOS or desktop, Voice of Customer feedback forms are fully adaptable. This is especially important for websites that have big amount of mobile traffic.

The tool comes with 14 days free trial which also allows you to use other suites in the platform such as UX Suite and Conversion suite. This is a big advantage since not many feedback tools offer such variety of website optimization solutions all together.






Feedbackify is easy and simple, that is why it’s one of leaders when it comes to gathering basic data about customers.

Feedbackify focuses on getting direct feedback from individuals, without the option to vote on particular items. By clicking the widget button the user is taken to short surveys about the page, where they can give ratings and opinions.

But the opinion is not the only piece of information you get – you also learn background information about the user – their browser, OS or the demographic aspects.

You can also include your own logo, so the form goes along with the style of your website. The users also feel that they are at the right place.

The drag and drop interface makes the widget easy to customize and you can personalize it enough in order to make it a great experience for your visitors.






With Kampyle you include a widget on your website, which can be clicked by users to answer questions related to your website or your products. Yet, there are features that make it stand out.

Even though Kampyle may appear overwhelming because of the variety of options it offers at the first glance, it is actually pretty approachable and you don’t need to spend much time in order to understand it.

The feedback you receive is collected and managed by Kampyle, ensuring that the information gathered is safely between you and the service.

If you ever have a need for it, you can contact your customers through a built-in response system. If something needs to be solved right away, you can use that option to remove the issue. An automated response system for your customers is also available.

You can also differentiate feedback forms between various parts of your website, so you can make sure that appropriate areas receive the attention they need.

Because the service is integrated with Google Analytics, you will have total control over the data and statistics regarding the traffic, the usage, and any other aspects of your website.






Implementing UserVoice is said to be one of the easiest experiences when gathering feedback. It is an option for those who want more from the feedback they receive, and want to deliver the best user experience ever.

Customers operate within a forum where they send tickets and vote on or discuss suggestions and possible solutions to their problems. With this it is easier for you to identify problematic issues and find out what are the issues your users are facing.

UserVoice also doesn’t require any registration, so it makes it a very quick experience for your users – people often are too lazy to register, and with this they can simply get over that obstacle.

If your users are unsure whether a certain issue has already been covered, they can use a great search-as-you-type to find the topics and join the discussion.

Similarly to Feedbackify, it also provides you with information about the user’s software used when browsing the website, the demographics and such.




Get satisfaction


GetSatisfaction uses a slogan: “A whole new way to interact with your customers”, and because of the options it offers it is actually a great option to make your users satisfied.Features:

GetSatisfaction has two faces: Firstly, it is a community-based forum, where the costumers create pages for companies. A high chance exists that someone already created a page about you. These pages work as message boards, where opinions and suggestions are exchanged.

Secondly, it operates as a help-page on your site where users can easily submit suggestions, ask questions, and receive help in 12 different languages. You can also integrate GetSatisfaction with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. It is perfect for analyzing conversations and community reactions – thanks to that you can predict trends or possible issues.

The tool also offers extensive moderation and people management tools, thanks to which you can make sure that all conversation remains productive and friendly.

The available widget can be customized according to your needs, whether you need to increase sales or visits. You can use templates or rely on your own creativity.

GetSatisfaction is about creating a client community and receiving feedback from it – if that is your goal, then you will be, well, satisfied.



Gathering customer feedback and hearing the voice of your customers are pivotal aspects of improving your service and website. Without it you cannot actually provide an experience that is one hundred percent satisfactory for your users. They have their needs and you need to meet them. There is a huge variety of tools that will help you get proper feedback, but believe me that this does pay off. Test, test, test away, as data is one of the most important sources of information that you can get. Remember, you can’t live without your customers, so take care of them and listen to their problems. Be a watchful mother, and you will be a successful business owner.


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