How can you use Snapchat for e-commerce?

Snapchat is an application that allows users to publish short movies or photos and share it with followers for a limited time. Each time somebody posts a film, they have to set the time within which the “snap” is viewable by other users, for instance, 10 seconds. Later, it deletes itself and cannot be seen any more. Several snaps create a story that is accessible within 24 hours after the user opens it.

Is it worth a try?

Let us give some numbers: 18 per cent of iPhone users have Snapchat, 700 million snaps are sent every day, the majority of the Snapchat users are between 13 and 22 years old, most of them are women.


4 ideas how to use Snapchat for marketing purposes:


1. Build excitement around new products.


Taco Bell is the one of the most fluent in Snapchat marketing. The chain often promotes new products using engaging, intense snaps. Use the same idea – show new products in your store even before they’re available and build excitement.


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2. Distribute discounts and coupons.


New York based yoghurt shop 16 Handles, invited users to share snap stories of them eating yoghurt with the brand account. In reply the users would receive a snap with a discount ranging from 16 to 100%, but they could only open it at the register, as the snap was accessible only for 10 seconds after opening. In e-commerce shop you can ask users to upload screenshots of the snaps or publish snaps containing a dedicated discount phrase. Even e-commerce giant Amazon uses Snapchat to regularly distribute discounts.


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3. Invite users to interact.


A good example on how to make Snapchat followers interact with a company, is the campaign organized by H&M in two shops in Poland: in Warsaw and Krakow. The participants could take part in a quiz and win tickets for a music event. The competition was based on the children game Hare and Hounds. The entrants were to find some tips on Snapchat and follow them in order to find the tickets hidden in the stores.


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4. Show your team.


Since people like to see “behind the scenes” at their favorite organizations, it can be a good idea to introduce the personnel or show the way the products are manufactured and the services are delivered. By sharing that kind of details, a company can be considered relatable and personal and help customers to make decisions about their purchases. Such a campaign can be followed on the profile of an online news portal Mashable. They often publish videos of their office and employees discussing some topics or testing new products. McDonald’s regularly uses behind the scenes staring basketball stars they cooperate with.


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