First post from our E-commerce platforms review series: WooCommerce

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Deciding to sell online involves making some important choices, with choosing the right software being one of them. There is an array of solutions available on the market, from dedicated platforms, to both paid and free off-the-shelf products. How to choose the best?   First and foremost, remember there are pros and cons to every

Why is it worth to invest in segmentation and behavioral targeting?

There are no two identical human beings so there are no two identical customers. We all visit different websites, use various devices and take our interests in other stuff. But we’ve got one thing in common. We want the website content to be tailored to our needs. It is a major challenge for vendors but

How can remarketing increase conversion rate?

It comes as no surprise that consumers must see an offer a couple of times before they advisedly make a purchase. It is really rare for shoppers to visit the site for the first time and buy a product immediately. Therefore, your marketing goal should not be driving more and more traffic into your website,

How to personalize content to increase conversions?

I would give up everything to receive information that really interests me… says most of online consumers who are fed up with irrelevant content on visited websites. They declare to give up chocolate, smartphones or even sex to get information that addresses their needs. Maybe it sounds a bit funny, but it shows how personalized

Don’t misguide the customer – 5 reasons for abandoning shopping carts

If you want to have the best and profitable e-commerce website you need to create an online experience that makes users fall in love with you and your products. Pay attention to details. The purchasing path has to be straight and the destination easily visible. Any additional curves and dark corners make your customers run

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