Does design influence sales? Psychology of Shopping: Attribution Error and the Escaping Customers

You are likely spending lots of both time and money to attract customers to your store. However, in spite of the positive campaign outcomes, you may still be displeased with the sales results. Customers who visit your store may still be leaving without making any purchase. E-store marketing needs to be based on technology, tools,

3 key benefits od social media presence and 8 tips for e-commerce on how to use them

I hope you read this post because you’re no longer wondering IF you should use social media for your business but HOW you should do it. Social media is a powerful tool for your online store. Thanks to social media: You expand your customer base  – reaching new audiences easier than ever before You gain

DYNAMIC VS. STATIC – what’s the difference?

We would like to clarify the true meaning of the commonly mistaken term of dynamic ads – also called dynamic creatives or dynamic banners. Wikipedia, per usual gives the correct definition of the notion of dynamic banners: Banner ad which is created dynamically (or whose content is created dynamically) at the time of display, instead of being

HOW and WHY personalize your ads?

Trust us on this one: the audience of your online store is not only sensitive to price but also to the overall customer experience. They will keep coming back if you treat them right. This is why you have to pay attention to the way they behave online and provide them with personalized content based

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DYNAMIC VS. STATIC – what’s the difference?
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