Hottest eCommerce Design Trends of 2015 to Spice up Your Store

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Always keep your e-store modern-looking. As you know, “Good clothes open all doors” (Thomas Fuller). This quotation is relevant for web design as well. And it is even more relevant for eCommerce design, as it relies on user experience and a whole bunch of psychological factors. Today we are going to familiarize you with the

Fourth post from the E-commerce platforms review series: ZenCart

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We’ve already analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Magento – the most versatile e-commerce software, WooCommerce – the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress and PrestaShop – the ideal solution for small and medium-sized shops. This time, we’re moving on to another solution, one that’s perfect for anyone willing to start selling online: ZenCart.   What

How do big players use Programmatic Marketing?

4 minutes

Programmatic marketing is an automated form of buying and selling online advertising which many believe will soon revolutionize the market. While still a relative novelty in Poland, the solution is expected to generate an impressive 7 billion USD sales US-wide by 2017, which will translate into a whopping 80% in market share!   We have

Third post from the E-commerce platforms review series: PrestaShop

3 minutes

In the previous installments of the series we have already reviewed WooCommerce (a plugin turning WordPress into a fully functional store) and Magento, one of the most advanced e-commerce platforms. Let’s have a look at another one.   What is PrestaShop?   PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce CMS. According to information on the platform’s official

How to boost sales using Instagram

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. Its user base has already exceeded 300 million and still continues to grow. Facebook, by acquiring Instagram in 2012 (for a whopping 1bn USD), provided the site with access to its technology and advertising potential.   The Instagram team, however, wary of users’ reaction to

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