About us

Quartic is an acknowledged recommendation and personalization leader
on the e-commerce market

We’re passionate about customizing and we take your conversions seriously.

We love helping online businesses intelligently customize their sites and consequently increase profits. In the last four years, we have become the leader of the market – our solutions are used by the biggest international online stores. Our CTO’s motto is “Never be satisfied with your conversion rate“. We work to improve on the intelligent algorithms behind Quarticon, to simplify the user interface and to provide the best possible support for our customers everyday. And, we definitely enjoy what we do.

The birth of the company dates back to the year 2011. With an initiative of the recommendation engine of Quartic, a company with the same name was established. Thanks to the team of experts from the field of e-commerce, we have gained the trust of many satisfied clients within a short period of time.

Quarticon in numbers: