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ul. Szarotki 10/16,
02-609 Warsaw
NIP: 521-360-80-82

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Shanghai 200127 China

Paweł Wyborski
+48 501 001 413

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Frequently asked questions
  • What is QuarticON?
    QuarticOn is the only tool which allows you to manage all your online marketing activities from one place. Starting from advertising to a shopping cart, i.e. in an on-line store. The recommendation engine for e-business of the customized e-business services, along with creation and customized e-mailing.
  • What is the difference between QuarticON and other similar products on the market?
    Quartic is innovative not only due to the elements constituting its platform but also for their connections. We are the only ones on the market who offer remarketing and recommendation engine within one comprehensive solution which doubles the speed of your conversion.
  • What are the costs of the installation and use of QuarticON?
    The costs depend on the scope of functionality and the targets of the campaign. Feel free to contact us to get an individual price quotation.