Medium Retailer

Quarticon Pricing

Your Monthly Online Sales

20000 EURO

Sales generated by Quarticon

2000 EURO/month

Our fee

4% of the sales generated by QuarticON


8000 EURO/month

Speed up your business Today

The price grows as sales from recommendation grows. We will only charge you a low percentage of sales generated by QuarticOn. No fixed and integration fees.

QuarticON will help you to speed up your business. Recommendation engine is a standard feature that is essential on your site if you want to become a big retailer.

When you are at the development stage, you gain an increasing number of customers and it is really difficult to manage their needs manually. You will have to automate each marketing and sales process to create your competing advantage.

We take care of your marketing expenditure so you don’t need to commit how much will you pay for the recommendation engine. That is why you can have all recommendation features with the price related to the effect. Your fee is only a small percentage of the sales generated from the recommendation engine.

Our recommendation engine works automatically. Hence, you do not need to bother about how to configure it for the best performance. Your QuarticON account is setup with the best market practice about making the best use of personalized recommendation engine on your site.

How pricing model works

A sale is considered to be generated by QuarticOn only when the customer clicks on a product in the recommendation widget and within the same session, he makes a purchase of this product.

Hence, if the customer clicks on some products in the recommendation widgets but purchases other products, the sales is not attributed as QuarticON sales.

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