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We display recommendation widgets with relevant products in real time


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Types of recommendations


If you have one million visitors, you should have one million e-shops relevant to each customer's needs. Delivering relevant offers provides the opportunity for deeper user's engagement and help them buy products which they like


Recommend products which are slightly more expensive. Customers may not necessarily want to buy the cheapest products. Personalized recommendation with more expensive alternatives deliver more value


Quarticon inspires new purchases by showing what other customers or customers with similar preferences has also bought, the product which is "most wanted" or "hot" today or during a defined period.

How to use it

The product detail page is the most important page in you eshop. This is the page where customers can find the information about product description, pricing and other product parameters. This is also the page where they spend most of the time during web sessions. Hence, it is crucial that this page looks appealing to them in order to encourage them to make purchases

Recommendation strategy for product page:

Alternative products– what other customers have also considered before buying this product.
Customers love to have a variety of products to choose from and they will be looking for the similar products to make a comparison before they will come to a decision to make a good purchase. Therefore, the length of time for them to access to other products determines whether they will finally make a purchase.

Upselling – recommend customers similar products which are slightly more expensive. In some cases, the more expensive the product, the better it is.

Cross selling – inspire the customer what he might also like with complementary products. Customers are so focused on their basic needs that they tend to forget that they might also need some other products in your store.
The page visitors are able to see the product type such as 'Men's Fashion' or 'Women's Fashion' in the category page. Hence, it is very important to diversify the product offers in order not to bring any boredom to them during browsing and to help them find the desired products at the shortest possible time.

Recommendation strategy for category page:

Personalized product offers– Products which you might also like. Products which are displayed to a visitor are relevant to his browsing history. We would usually display relevant products which he has not seen yet. In this way, it will help him find the appropriate products.

Personalized cross sell– we should inspire the customers and create new needs. Therefore, the recommendation should also provide the complementary product recommendations relevant to customer’s actual needs. .

Recommended products are filtered to the browsing category.
Home page is the main entry point of an e-commerce site. It is essential to create a good first impression and welcome customers with personalized messages. The product which the customer will see on the first screen determines whether he will go deeper and browse the site offer.

Recommendation strategy for Home Page:

Recommended for You - displays personalized product recommendation based on the visitor's last session. It helps the visitor find the relevant product which he has not seen yet and that he might be interested in.

Actual trends or new arrivals -what other customers are looking at right now or the last week's bestsellers will inspire visitors what is trendy in your store.

Personalised promotions - returning visitors will see the most relevant product based on their previous shopping history first.
Search result page is the second most popular page in your eshop following the product page. The visitor gets the product list after he enters the search query. However, what if the search result is empty? Personalized recommendation can help.

Recommendation strategy for search result page:

Personalized product recommendation - Recommended for You. Products which are displayed to the visitors are relevant to his browsing history. Usually, similar products from his browsing history are displayed. Recommendation will help him find the relevant product even though the search result is empty. The customer will not be lost and he will continue browsing your offer.
The shopping cart shows the product that the customer is willing and ready to buy. We should keep him engage and inspire him to buy more products when he visits this page. It is also important to bear in mind that we should not to confuse or distract the customer when he is finalizing his shopping. In this case, the dedicated shopping cart recommendation strategy should be applied.

Recommendation strategy for shopping cart:

Cross selling– what other customer also bought with his shopping cart content. The recommended product must be complementary and it should be cheaper than the shopping cart content without exceeding his shopping value. It is also important to keep the customer on the cart page after he has decided to add recommended product to the cart.
Thank You for your purchase! This is the favorite page of all e-shop owners. It means that we have succeeded and the customer has already bought the products. However, you should not be satisfied yet. Keep selling and engage the customer for new e-shops journey and don't let go of him. Recommendations will help you achieve that.

Recommendation strategy

Personalized cross sell - what other customer also bought with his last shopping. The recommended products are relevant to his last transactions. Inspire te customer with other products that are relevant to his last transaction. Perhaps, the customer might have forgotten to add them to the cart?

Trending products - Show customers what other customers are buying right now and what are the best selling products in your store.

Personalized promotions & new arrivals - Display recommended products relevant to the customer's needs or simply show him the new arrivals that he might like.

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