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Pay only for the results

No fixed fees, no installation cost. You pay only when we generate sales for you.
Get professional recommendation engine and start reaping the benefits that it brings in terms of a growth in your revenue.

QuarticON recommendation engine works and generates sales for big retailers. It is also available for startup e-shops now.

We are aware that at the startup stage, it is very important to invest your funds in effective tools that will help you to rollout your sales at reasonable costs. That is why you should have a recommendation package with the price related to the results. If our recommendation engine does not generate any sales, you will pay nothing. Nevertheless, our recommendation engine will still work for you to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Besides, if you have small sales now, you really should personalize your visitors shopping experience. The more data about their preferences you will be able to gather and use, the greater the effect you will get in the future.

Recommendation engine works automatically. Hence, you do not need to bother about how to configure it for the best performance. Your QuarticON account is setup with the best market practice about how to make the best use of personalized recommendation engine on your site.

How pricing model works

A sale is considered to be generated by QuarticOn only when the customer clicks on a product in the recommendation widget and within the same session, he makes a purchase of this product.

Hence, if the customer clicks on some products in the recommendation widgets but purchases other products, the sales is not attributed as QuarticON sales.

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You only pay for the results.

No upfront costs, no installation costs

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No credit card required when you sign up

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